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I Am a Tree

I am a tree. Strong, noble and kept alive by the most important aspects in my life.  My friends and family are my roots.  These roots hold me to the ground.  If I begin to sway from a sporadic gust of wind, I can always count on my roots to support me and help me stand tall once again.  These roots run deep, give me nourishment to face each day of my ever-changing life.


The heart, determination and willpower I possess form the rings of my round and solid trunk.  Each new ring shows a sense of purpose and constant striving making me the person I am today.  My trunk is my mind that allows me to grow into a stronger, more knowledgeable being.


Experiences and situations I deal with in my life extend through my branches.  Some of my branches are short and small; experiences that are fading and not so memorable, or maybe situations that are just beginning to develop.  My long branches represent situations that I have been dealing with for a while and memories that I will never forget.  From time to time, some branches have been cut down or have been broken off, but I know that they will soon be replaced.


Conflicts in my life make up my leaves.  They change colors as seasons change representing how my problems evolve over time.  Even in the coldest months when my leaves fall to the ground and my branches are left bare, I know that come Spring they will emerge again.


The last, yet most important, is my mother.  She is the bark of my tree of life.  My bark keeps me strong and sheltered.  As I continue to grow, my bark is continuously involved in every aspect of my life.  Our relationship grows to a new depth as I grow into a more mature person.  Additionally, my bark protects me from outside dangers, but always seems to exemplify my inner beauty and always brings out the best in me.


Not only do these people and events in my life form my being, they also act as my source of sunlight.  This great sun shines down on me and guides me with its warm and friendly rays of light.  The coming water from the needed rainfall nourishes me physically and mentally with their great support and care.


As I develop into a more mature person, my mind and spirit develop as well.  I will always remember to recognize the importance of love in my life; how it drives me and allows me to grow and stand tall.  My roots will continue to tunnel further into the ground and my branches will multiply and reach farther into the sky; I know there are no limits.

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